I’m really pleased to welcome Iain Mulholland today as our new CTO along with his team from Haute Secure, Frank Swiderski and Rob Vucic. TRUSTe has been seeking a top-notch technology team to expand our capabilities in privacy certification and monitoring.


HauteSecure brings a ready-made innovative scanning and malware detection tool that will help us establish, build and protect the reputation of trustworthy TRUSTe sealholders and hundreds of millions of their users.


Building trust is a complex task for websites, and our 3,000+ customers are demanding more solutions to help them build, protect and maintain their investments in privacy and trust. At the same time cyber threats are emerging to undermine terrific brands that are embracing web 2.0.


The acquisition of Haute Secure team and technology will enable us to expand our privacy scanning, compliance monitoring and reputation management for our customers. Ultimately, this is about giving people a sense of safety—that they can trust the web site, and by extension, the company behind it.


We are excited to be the undisputed leader in this space–watch out as TRUSTe to begin shaping a new conversation around trust, privacy and confidence online.

– Fran Maier, CEO