Apple released the latest update to its privacy policy today, including the new TRUSTe APEC Privacy Seal certifying that Apple abides by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Cross Border Privacy Rules System. Apple joins Box as the latest in a growing list of companies who are choosing APEC Certification to demonstrate their commitment to consumer privacy and ensure they transfer data around the world in a safe way in compliance with global privacy frameworks


The APEC CBPR System is a self regulatory initiative that addresses cross-border data flows between the United States and other APEC Member Economies through voluntary and enforceable codes of conduct adopted by participating businesses. TRUSTe was approved as the first Accountability Agent for the APEC CBPR System in June 2013.


Currently, three APEC Member Economies participate in the CBPR system, the United States, Mexico, and Japan, with Canada having formally submitted its notice of intent to participate in the system. As an Accountability Agent such as TRUSTe, reviews, certifies, monitors, and enforces the privacy practices of participating U.S.-based companies or subsidiaries to ensure compliance with the CBPR system.


Congratulations to Apple and Box on their APEC Certification. Find out more about the TrustArc TRUSTe APEC Privacy program.