Automate and Simplify Your Privacy Program

with the TrustArc Privacy Management Platform

Empowering Privacy Leaders to Build, Simplify, and Automate Privacy Programs

TrustArc Privacy Management Platform provides a single platform experience that delivers a depth of continuous privacy intelligence coupled with full automation for end-to-end privacy management. The Platform integrates decades of deep expertise and global industry leadership to help organizations continually build and mature comprehensive privacy programs while adapting alongside the changing privacy landscape.
TrustArc Privacy Management Platform
TrustArc Privacy Management Platform

Drive Business Growth

Build and Manage Your Privacy Program

Build & Manage Your Privacy Program

Build your global data privacy program on a robust, end-to-end privacy and risk compliance platform built by world-class privacy experts
Automate Privacy Operations
Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets
Let automation save time and money by taking the guesswork and manual effort out of privacy program management
Demonstrate Accountability and Compliance
Demonstrate Accountability and Compliance
Build trust and demonstrate compliance by having organizational and technical measures to confidently show responsibility, ownership, and evidence of data processing activities
Never Miss Regulatory Updates
Never Miss a Beat on Regulatory Updates
Get daily guidance for global privacy regulations and frameworks through automated and up-to-date regulatory research to help future priorities, strategy, and plans

Automate and Simplify

TrustArc privacy capabilities are integrated into the Platform through frameworks and controls, mapped to hundreds of laws and regulations, including CCPA, GDPR, and LGPD.

Access and quickly understand ongoing privacy regulatory developments such as enacted laws, court decisions, and news stories with knowledge on-demand
Plan and prioritize intelligently to enable businesses to focus on important data opportunities and appropriately balancing data risks to make rapid decisions
Measure and deliver ongoing results with operationalized end-to-end privacy management through a platform-driven privacy engine
TrustArc Privacy Management Platform Desktop
TrustArc Privacy Management Platform Desktop
TrustArc Privacy Management Platform Desktop

TrustArc Privacy Management Platform

Using TrustArc, privacy leaders are empowered to navigate through complexity, and simplify and embed privacy into the DNA of their organizations. They are able to understand requirements quickly, plan and prioritize intelligently, act rapidly, and measure and deliver ongoing results that demonstrate proactive privacy, governance, risk and accountability management.


Insight and guidance for all laws, regulations, and frameworks

Research & Alerts

Operational Templates

Law Comparisons

Legal Summaries

Awareness Tracker

Plan & Prioritize

Dynamically assess risk, privacy and compliance priorities

Assessment Manager

Planner & Benchmarks

Risk Profile

Privacy Profile


Automatically instrument and manage privacy compliance

Data Inventory Hub

Cookie Consent Manager

Individual Rights Manager

Website Monitoring Manager

Mobile App Consent

Ad Compliance Manager


Confidently assure privacy, compliance & risk management

Risk Profile

Privacy Profile



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