You may be a small business, but chances are you collect some form of PII. Even small businesses are accountable for the safety of user PII, and thereby must take adequate measures to protect it. Lead editor Monte Enbysk gathered TRUSTe’s insight to help develop 6 privacy tips for small businesses:

1. Take inventory of the personal information you collect and store.

2. Analyze how safely you use and store this data.

3. Make sure you’re complying with industry or federal laws.

4. Post a privacy policy that is clear and comprehensive.

5. Have your policy reviewed by an attorney or by a privacy seal program.

6. If you have employees, make sure their personal information is protected too.

According to Enbysk , you should seek the expert opinion of a privacy service like TRUSTe who can help ensure the accuracy and validity of your privacy statement. Not only may a third-party privacy authority ensure your privacy statement and practices are up to par, but a seal from TRUSTe can benefit your brand.

“The Web privacy seal is one of [TRUSTe’s] most popular products,” says TRUSTe’s VP of Communications, Carolyn Hodge. A privacy seal may be most beneficial to small e-tailers with little or no name recognition outside their hometown or region.

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