“The more of our lives that we put online, the less privacy we have,” says Erick Schonfeld in his TechCrunch blog, posted today. In an increasingly networked world, where social networking, behavioral targeting, and information sharing online have all become commonplace, consumer privacy has come under siege. With the online world changing rapidly, consumers are beginning to feel that they don’t have control over their personal information. Today is the nationally recognized Data Privacy Day, a day dedicated to spreading awareness about data privacy practices, problems, and rights. One of the primary audiences is U.S. teens who have grown up using and relying on the internet as an integral part of their lives. Yet teens are not the only ones who need to be aware of how to protect their privacy online. The government, corporations, small businesses, and consumers of all ages need to be informed and proactive in protecting their privacy, as well as the privacy of those who are putting their trust in them.

Personal information has become harder and harder to protect; at TRUSTe, we like to think of ourselves as agents of trust – liaisons between businesses and consumers that help you determine who is trustworthy in an elusive online universe. TRUSTe helps consumers and businesses by providing a universal symbol of trust that gives us confidence in the stewardship of our data.

To learn more about Data Privacy Day and how you can become more savvy about protecting privacy online, check out the Data Privacy Day website. Happy Data Privacy Day!

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