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We’re in a new era where transparency is becoming the currency of trust. From its founding, TRUSTe has consistently championed transparency to consumers regarding their privacy practices. Our trustmark is a beacon to consumers to give them confidence that their personal information is being used responsibly and to provide them with the choices and redress options they deserve.

The coalition of IAB, DMA, ANA, and the 4A’s reached consensus on behavioral advertising principles that we hope will result in meaningful choices for consumers. The Federal Trade Commission paved the way for this consensus and other industry efforts by issuing thoughtful and pragmatic guidelines earlier this year encouraging expanded notice of advertising practices in addition to several other guidelines.

Starting from our position as the online privacy leader, TRUSTe is launching its program for publishers engaged in behavioral advertising later this year. Our program will focus on delivering notice and choices to consumers outside the privacy statement through the well-understood TRUSTe icon. In addition, we will deliver easy accessible opt-out options for consumer choice, leverage our well established consumer complaint process, and our leading scanning and monitoring technology to ensure compliance and enforcement. We expect that sealholders who meet our rigorous standards will easily be in compliance with the principles issued today with the additional benefits of 3rd party review and a comprehensive compliance and enforcement program.

— Fran Maier, CEO