By Travis Pinnick
User Experience Designer | TRUSTe

TRUSTe is preparing to launch the new version of our Privacy Policy Generator (PPG), which provides a custom privacy policy for a wide-range of products. Unlike the previous version of this service which was designed for small and medium-sized businesses, the new version will be able to generate a range of policy types applicable to all of our certification products, including websites, cloud platforms, and mobile apps.

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New Features

Testing revealed users were interested in a faster way to generate a policy by selecting from some kind of pre-fabricated templates based on common policy types. Users also requested alternatives to the disclosure selection/policy editing process, including easier ways to deselect disclosures and toggle through the policy categories. The new PPG design is a result of user testing to streamline the usability of the disclosure selection and policy preview processes, combined with updated policy templates based on the type of policy being issued.

In addition the new PPG will have the ability to output reusable XML data feeding our privacy policy database, some uses of which are our new Firefox Privacy Plugin, and possibly a public facing API for consuming policy data.

The new PPG also features TRUSTe’s Layered Privacy Policy with Short Notice. To learn more see the post on TRUSTe’s Layered Privacy Policy.

New Features:
– ability to select pre-edited policy template based on site / service type
– simplified disclosure selection / policy editing interaction
– layered policy w/ short notice summary
– machine readable XML policy output

Expected Release

We will be releasing the PPG in stages for our various services, the first of which will be our small and medium business and reseller certification services.

We are excited to be releasing products for consumers that provide transparency around the data practices of the sites and services they use. If you have any questions or comments please contact Travis Pinnick, User Experience Designer at

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