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Blane Sims
BrightTag to speak on managing data privacy at TRUSTe’s Powering RoadShow event.

Given how quickly the world of online marketing changes, businesses and brands need help understanding how their technology partners fit into the evolving conversations surrounding privacy, data security and customer trust.

At BrightTag, our mission-critical role in powering data-driven marketing globally for more than 1,000 brands has given us a unique view of the governance challenges that many organizations face as they embrace connected consumer experiences. In 2012, we formed a strategic partnership with TRUSTe because we believe that consumer transparency and choice start with knowing how data is collected and making effective decisions as a business about how to use it.

This is part of the reason why we’re proud to be sponsoring and speaking at the upcoming TRUSTe “Powering Trust” Roadshow, which will make stops in San Francisco on Sept. 19, New York on Oct. 8 and London on Oct. 16. At each of these intimate events, attendees will be able to network with industry leaders, learn about key trends that are impacting the privacy-tech ecosystem, and discover best practices for managing data privacy in their digital campaigns.

BrightTag will be speaking in each city, and we’re looking forward to discussing how organizations can seamlessly combine their tag management and privacy management services. In doing so, clients can use third-party vendors to collect the type of data that gives life to more personalized advertising, analytics and marketing – all while being transparent and ensuring the highest level of privacy standards.

You can participate in the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #PoweringTrustRoadshow. Additionally, be sure to follow @BrightTag and @TRUSTe for event highlights.

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