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Daryl McNutt, VP Marketing Drawbridge

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In today’s mobile-focused world, a user’s privacy is not only the most important, but also the hardest thing for companies to promise. Many ad exchanges, big-name brands, and app developers aren’t yet sure how to effectively target users on mobile without accessing personally identifiable information (PII). However, for some companies, the pledge to protect consumer privacy comes first and foremost when introducing cross-device technology – and Drawbridge is one of those companies.

Mobile and online privacy is extremely important to consumers – almost more important than their next status update. A recent uproar around Facebook’s new privacy policies has the social network on edge, as they fear billions of users will stop using Facebook altogether if these not-so-privacy-friendly policies are put into place. During the upcoming Powering Trust Roadshow in New York, Drawbridge’s COO Eric Rosenblum, will discuss the measures he and the team have taken in cross-device advertising to eliminate concerns over the use of PII data, similar to those that Facebook is currently up against.

Drawbridge is one of the first and leading cross-device digital marketing companies to create a proprietary technology based on scientific machine learning algorithms that pairs a user to his/her device without the use of PII. Drawbridge is making huge strides with TRUSTe to empower user privacy with a partnership featuring a “Universal Opt-Out” function.

With this privacy-focused partnership, TRUSTe and Drawbridge bring users a level of security previously unseen with cross-device targeting. TRUSTe has integrated their TRUSTed Ads privacy service for mobile with the Drawbridge platform, giving both customers and advertisers a safe, meaningful outlet for mobile ad delivery. The platform includes full cross-platform compatibilities, letting advertisers run the program on iOS, Android, mobile web, and application, as well as being aware of compliant companies and mobile targeting processes. Advertisers can deploy this service on the buying or selling side within the mobile application or ad, itself. For customers, TRUSTe and Drawbridge now offer flexibility for customers to set their own privacy controls when it comes to mobile ad services. Read more about how this works in our case study.


So, this begs the question: How much privacy – as a consumer or as a business – is enough privacy? And what can hugely influential online companies do to better service their users from a privacy standpoint? Share your opinions in the comment section of our blog, or if you can make it out to the New York Roadshow, visit the “Cross Device Advertising, Tracking, and Privacy Management” panel to share your thoughts.


Register now for our upcoming roadshow in New York and follow the conversation online #PoweringTrustRoadshow.

Learn more about how Drawbridge uses TRUSTe’s privacy-safe ads to attract advertisers across devices: View Case Study »

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