As technology has evolved, companies have realized that the data collection practices they deploy can often make the difference between success and failure. Depending on how this information is leveraged, the use of big data can push a company ahead of the competition through new data-driven strategies, uncovering numerous benefits. But the use of data also brings privacy questions and the challenge of complying with multiple regulations and business requirements.

Privacy professionals are struggling to reap to benefits of data while also keeping pace with the fluid regulatory landscape to protect their brand and reduce risk. Today, many global privacy laws require businesses to perform Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) to identify, assess and alleviate privacy risks associated with new products and business initiatives. PIAs can be extremely beneficial to an organization, yet many professionals don’t know where to start.  When do you conduct a PIA? How do you determine the scope or identify the best tools to streamline the process?

On October 21st at 9am PT/12pm ET, join TRUSTe’s Ray Everett, Tony Berman and Return Path’s Dennis Dayman in the webinar titled Tips and Tools for Conducting Effective PIAs in Today’s Complex Privacy Landscape to learn how to efficiently plan and manage PIAs to ensure compliance and protect your brand:

  • Understand how to mitigate compliance risks using PIAs
  • Hear tips on how and when to use PIAs
  • Gain insight from privacy experts with experience of using PIAs within their organizations
  • See a demo of the new automated Assessment Manager module, part of TRUSTe’s Data Privacy Management (DPM) Platform