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Name: Kevin Trilli

Job title: VP Product

How long have you worked at TRUSTe?: 6+ years (started in November ‘08)

Describe your current role, how this has changed over time and your current projects: My current role is responsible for driving product strategy for TRUSTe and managing the product management team for the product portfolio. My key current project is driving the strategy and roll-out of our Data Privacy Management Platform into beta and general availability in 2015. This has involved working with dozens of our key customers and others to learn about their challenges managing privacy and data protection within a large global enterprise and building a set of services and products that can help them manage those challenges.

What do you like most about working here?: There are several aspects: 1) Due to TRUSTe’s unique background and the evolving nature of the privacy management space, helping to grow this company is a stimulating challenge on many levels. We are working to innovate a space that has been pretty static for many years. It is exciting to be in that position with your company regardless of the industry. We have some really great ideas and a vision that many will start to see become a reality this year, 2) The team we have assembled, both the original core and the newer more recent team members, are truly a pleasure and honor to work with. We have a very focused, dedicated group of professionals that come from amazing and diverse backgrounds. It keeps it fun and we function well as a team. Being here is a personal decision by all of us – there are many choices, particularly in San Francisco and the Bay area, so we are all treating this opportunity very seriously.

Why do you think online privacy is an important issue?: I think it ties back to data and how critical that is becoming for every single business today, regardless of the industry. Businesses understand the value, and sometimes the absolute necessity of using their customers’ and employees’ data, which comes with the responsibility to extract that value in a proper way. Most people understand this at the individual level, and if they forget, we have governments across the world that are happy to remind them of those responsibilities via the plethora of global privacy and data protection laws. So, this confluence of human awareness and corporate responsibility along with the increased data utilization is forcing everyone to think more carefully about data protection beyond just security. The online/data world is evolving enough to give everyone a feel for why good privacy management is important.

I really don’t believe online privacy is dead, as some of the headlines like to state. That is an old definition of privacy, and the same could be said about security in many ways due to all the breaches that have happened. This new world requires an active participation by businesses to help properly deliver value and protect some degree of choice and protection of consumer data. It is going to have to happen in new ways, which is the case in any industry or technology space.

What are some hot issues in the privacy space right now? From a policy perspective, the US and EU frameworks are what most people are concerned about and spend the majority of their time focusing on, with respect to compliance. But, the new APEC framework will now finally complete that global cross-border data transfer framework for Multinational Corporations and the next evolution in the EU is what people are starting to ponder more than anything as the EU SH debate continues. From an internal perspective, there are two major issues companies are facing. The first is really getting a better understanding of the data operations, in particular, creating an understanding of the data lifecycle across their various products, services and internal operations. The second is building a risk management framework to help guide their privacy management programs, which hopefully are getting optimized to allow for broader scale and adoption across the corporation. There are a couple of concepts mixed in here that involve building enterprise-class tools that can help manage the policy landscape, data discovery, risk management and program maturity. This is the next evolution of the privacy management space overall, and how you will see even the most mature, optimized privacy offices evolve and improve.

What do you do for fun when you’re not working?: Most of the time, I am having an absolute blast with my wife trying to keep up with my two young boys. They have unlimited energy and passion which consumes everything the two of us can give with respect to sports and their other activities. In my precious free time I take full advantage of the great live music in Marin, where I live, and in San Francisco. I frequently attend the Sweetwater and Terrapin Crossroads and still loving going to the Fillmore and Warfield. I also hike and run in Marin and snowboard in Tahoe when I can get away in the winter. International travel has always been a big part of my life and introducing that into our kids’ lives will become a major focus now that they are getting old enough to enjoy it. I also read quite a bit, including business strategy books  from Steve Blank, Alexander van Osterwalder and Peter Thiel to physical science books from Nick Bostrom on artificial intelligence and keeping up with larger picture developments around our universe.

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