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CasualConnect1By Eleanor Treharne-Jones, CIPP/E, Director, EMEA & Global Communications

In the U.S., recent revisions to Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and legal action by the Federal Trade Commission have brought renewed attention to the issue of children’s online privacy. In the EU, changes proposed in the draft Data Protection Regulation addressing the protection of children’s online privacy mirror many of those included under COPPA.

There’s been phenomenal growth of mobile applications and games, and we know that pre-teens are among the most active users of this technology. So the question that needs to be addressed is, what is a viable strategy for app publishers to navigate these laws while ensuring parents are informed and in control of their children’s privacy?

This week I moderated a great discussion on this topic at the Casual Connect Conference in Amsterdam. I was joined by Max Sørensen, Legal Counsel at the LEGO Group, Paul Gardner, Partner at Osborne Clarke, Dylan Collins, CEO SuperAwesome and Keith Dennis, CEO AssertID. We discussed the implications for publishers targeting U.S. based pre-teens today and how to dovetail these plans with their EU privacy strategy in anticipation of the coming changes in the proposed EU Data Protection Regulation.


Hot on the agenda for the panelists and audience were the value of age-gate mechanisms, viable methods of obtaining parental consent, the impact of IoT on kids’ privacy, interoperability of different global kids’ privacy frameworks, the importance of educating external agencies around privacy and the delicate balance between effective monetisation of kids’ content and compliance requirements.

Keith Dennis from AssertID closed the panel with a call to action: “Confront privacy protection now – build trust with parents through openness and transparency. The parent is, after all, your key to monetization.”


Thank you to the Casual Connect team for including this important topic within the conference agenda and thanks to a great panel of speakers for providing high-level insights and practical advice on what you shouldn’t do around kids’ privacy and more importantly what you can.

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