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Our latest series will introduce you to a new TRUSTe employee every week to give you an inside look at the talented, knowledgeable and friendly people who work at TRUSTe.  


Name: Christy Brooks

Job Title: Director of Privacy Services

How long have you worked at TRUSTe? December 2015 will be my 10-year anniversary at TRUSTe.

What do you think are the top privacy challenges for companies? In short, organization and prioritization. I see many companies fix specific privacy gaps before gaining a sense of the broader set of privacy risks facing the organization. There are a number of factors that lead to this approach but I often find it’s due to a lack of budget availability, as well as companies focusing on only one business group’s privacy issues and choosing to fix the squeakiest wheel. We emphasize with our clients the importance of starting with a strategic corporate privacy plan, which will prioritize privacy projects and tasks based on an organization’s greatest privacy risks. Deciding on the scope, charter and strategy of your privacy plan, as well as the source, types and uses of personal information and applicable laws are valuable first steps as organizations seek to develop a more mature and efficient privacy program.

Why do you think online privacy is an important issue? One reason I think online privacy is so important is because there are so many technical possibilities. There are innovations that we couldn’t have conceived of just a year or two ago. Legislation and regulation often come after technology is widely adopted, so it is reactionary, and not usually designed to be flexible enough for future technical capabilities. This cycle can sometimes seem endless.

What are some hot issues in the privacy space right now?  Privacy is a fast-moving area but as a parent, I find Education Technology particularly fascinating. Ed Tech touches on so many stand-alone privacy issues, such as proper authorization to collect and use children’s data, vendor assurance and vendor contracts, rapidly innovating technologies, and finally, big data analytics and tracking. Ed Tech is being legislated in bits and pieces in states across the U.S., so tracking compliance obligations is yet another obstacle. There are some very innovative companies and educational institutions that are all challenged with paving a path forward in this area.

What do you like most about working at TRUSTe? First and foremost, I love working with my team, my friends. We’ve experienced so much growth and change in my time here. These folks have spirit, enthusiasm, smarts and great work ethics that I learn from every day.

The positive growth over the past 10 years at TRUSTe is something I take pride in having been a part of. I love the environment we work in, the location we work in, (Westfield SF!), and how TRUSTe always finds awesome ways to give back to our community.

What do you do for fun when you’re not working? I love spending time with my family and friends, and traveling to the places I love most — Lake Tahoe, Italy and Mexico, where we can ski, SUP, hike, SCUBA, dine out, go wine tasting, read or hang out on the beach. I also hope to coach my son’s basketball team again next year!