By Dave Deasy, VP, Marketing at TRUSTe

There are many players in the privacy ecosystem. From regulatory agencies to law firms to technology companies – and each entity plays an essential role in managing the balance between business use of data and consumer data protection.

Over the past few years the privacy ecosystem has grown rapidly and keeping track of the various organizations and range of solutions has grown unwieldy. In order to better understand the ecosystem, TRUSTe has developed the Privacy Ecosystem Map.

The Privacy Ecosystem Map organizes over 100 players in the privacy space into three major categories: Regulations and Guidelines, Business Resources, and Consumer Tools.

Each of these categories are further divided into sections depending on the type of organization, type of solution, or who their solutions are designed for. Players range from organizations who enact new regulations to innovators who create solutions for businesses to manage compliance, or for consumers to manage their privacy preferences.

It’s likely the groups and agencies involved in data privacy management will continue to expand and change in the near future as the IoT market grows, EU data protection legislation evolves, business investment in data breach prevention increases, and consumer attitudes shift. We will publish updated versions of the Privacy Ecosystem Map to reflect these changes.

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Due to space limitations the map cannot include every individual or entity that touches the privacy ecosystem. But, if you have additions please email

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