At the end of each month we’ll compile a list featuring some of the most informative and interesting privacy blog posts to let you know what topics are driving the privacy agenda this month.


This month on the blog we covered a wide array of privacy topics. We also shared the Privacy Ecosystem. This map showcases just some of the major players involved in the numerous facets of privacy. Inspired by the interest in the Privacy Ecosystem map, we decided to launch a weekly series profiling some of the leading organizations in the privacy space. Check out the list below for some of the most popular blog posts this month:


Celebrating Privacy as One of Our Freedoms  

Contributor and privacy expert Alexandra Ross wrote this reflective post about privacy as a fundamental freedom to coincide with the July 4th holiday in the U.S. Many people consider privacy a fundamental right even though its not expressly stated in the constitution. In fact, a recent TRUSTe survey shows that 45% of respondents think online privacy is more important than national security.


Coding for Privacy: A Conversation with TRUSTe’s Ken Okumura [Via TechBeacon]

 TRUSTe’s Vice President of Engineering Ken Okumura was interviewed for this article in TechBeacon in which he discusses all things privacy and security.


Privacy Risks of Mobile Applications

TRUSTe Senior Product Manager Helen Huang, CIPP/US, highlighted the importance of mobile privacy management. Considering at least half of Fortune 500 companies have a mobile application, privacy needs to be considered for these organizations’ apps as well as employee devices.


 Privacy Ecosystem Series

This month we launched the Privacy Ecosystem Series in which we profile organizations, companies or government agencies that are involved in the privacy space.


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