We spoke a number of our clients to find out what they thought people should know about TRUSTe. Here’s what they had to say:

‘TRUSTe is more than just a seal to put on your website [there] is real depth and breadth in [TRUSTe]’s services and the professionals have real experience at Commerce and other agencies. I would encourage people to look at TRUSTe as a trusted advisor,” said Brian Costello VP Information Security and ISO, Envestnet | Yodlee

TRUSTe’s privacy innovation was a key theme for Dennis Dayman who explained how “ [TRUSTe] has transformed itself into looking at more than just that legal [website privacy policy] language. They look at your apps, mobile ads, all the new technologies out there. It is a very evolving organization and they stay up with the technologies.”


Hilary Wandall AVP, Compliance and Chief Privacy Officer at Merck and Co., Inc. shared how they are partnering with TRUSTe “to develop what, we categorize at Merck, as the next generation Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Solution. [We] are really excited by the opportunity TRUSTe is bringing to us … a cloud-based solution for PIA where we have the potential for benchmarking as well as to be able to tailor and adjust to various different kinds of PIAs. We look at TRUSTe as a great partner to us in enabling privacy compliance within our organization.”

Clients also value TRUSTe’s ongoing privacy support and guidance both through webinars and whitepapers but also access to experienced privacy experts. Emily Wall Global Compliance Manager at Live Nation Entertainment said “TRUSTe are very good at supplying us with details of the latest laws that have passed or even papers that talk about what’s coming but then they also help us take [that] and apply it to our own business. I would recommend TRUSTe. They have been a great partner with us and excellent to go to for advice and also to help us navigate the legal world.”

Dennis Dayman concluded: “You may not have all the expertise in house but TRUSTe does.”

To find out more about how we can help your company manage privacy compliance call 1-888-878-7830 or visit http://www.truste.com