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Mobile and App Privacy Policy

Google recently informed some developers with apps on its storefront that it will be penalizing apps on its Google Play Store that do not have privacy policies adhering to its User Data Policy.

According to Next Web, Google emailed a notice to developers stating that violations of the User Data Policy would result in their apps’ visibility being limited or removed altogether.

The User Policy states:

You must be transparent in how you handle user data (e.g., information provided by a user, collected about a user, and collected about a user’s use of the app or device), including by disclosing the collection, use, and sharing of the data, and you must limit use of the data to the description in the disclosure. If your app handles personal or sensitive user data, there are additional requirements described below. This policy establishes Google Play’s minimum privacy requirements; you or your app may need to comply with additional restrictions or procedures if required by an applicable law.

With some apps collecting information from children or even sharing data unbeknownst to the user, Google’s enforcement of its policies should increase transparency and better protect users’ personal data. Protecting user data is important for a variety of reasons, such as enabling the usage of maximum data value.   

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