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1) Jurisdiction-Specific Transfer Benefits: In Japan, companies that have a CBPR certification do not have to obtain consent to transfer data to another country, which is otherwise required under Japanese law.

2) Facilitation of APEC-European Interoperability: An APEC CBPR certification may make it easier for an organization to obtain approval of their Binding Corporate Rules in the European Union. Since 2013, APEC member Economies and EU officials have been collaborating to promote interoperability between the two regional transfer mechanisms.

3) Alignment with Global Frameworks: An APEC CBPR certification is based on many of the same principles that inform the OECD Guidelines, the Fair Information Practice Principles, the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, and the General Data Protection Regulation. As such, a CBPR certification will help align your organization’s policies to a range of international privacy frameworks.

4) In-Network Transactional Streamlining: If you have an APEC CBPR certification, the privacy practices of your organization will be in line with other CBPR-certified organizations, thereby facilitating transactions between participants

5) Global Trade Facilitation: An APEC CBPR certification makes conducting business in participating economies easier, and helps to facilitate the increasing trade relationship between APEC economies:

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The CBPR system was endorsed by APEC member economies in 2012 for businesses established in the APEC region that collect and transfer personally identifiable information from consumers. TRUSTe was named the first accountability agent for the system in June 2013. To learn more about obtaining a TRUSTe CBPR certification click here.