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The TRUSTe 2017 Privacy Risk Summit is only two months away! The event will bring together the industry’s top thinkers, practitioners and solution providers to share emerging best practices and tools and models for success for privacy risk management, with a focus on the GDPR.

From IoT to GDPR, see below for a sneak peek at a sampling of the confirmed panels:

– What’s your Wallet In? The Privacy and Security of In-Car Payment Systems –

Car manufacturers such as Honda, Ford and Volkswagen will soon be unveiling connected payment systems that will allow drivers to pay for parking, fuel, and other items through a connected interface on their dashboard. These systems promise to be convenient and feature-laden, but they also present privacy and data security challenges. A panel that includes attorneys from the US and Europe, a client manufacturer and a corporate counsel and privacy officer will discuss challenges of implementing the new standards imposed by the US Federal Trade Commission, as well as French, German and British data protection authorities.

– GDPR Implementation in a US-Owned International Company: A View from Europe –

With more or less one year to go before the GDPR is legally enforced in the EU, this panel will offer a practical, in-house, and substantially European, view of how the GDPR can be implemented effectively within a US organisation or a US-owned international organisation that processes European personal data. In light of the major differences in legal concepts, cultural ideology and regulatory structures in place in the EU and the US when it comes to addressing data protection/privacy, “bridging the gaps”, in an effective and constructive manner, has never taken on such a critical meaning. The session will also take into consideration, and reflect on general corporate and business behaviours in place on each side of the Atlantic.

– Profiling and Big Data: The Reality of the GDPR Impact –

Profiling is one of the provisions of the GDPR that will have the most significant impact on businesses. In particular, Article 22 and its companions present challenges for analytics and other automated processing that uses personal data as an input – which will capture most of the ad tech world and others that rely on “Big Data”. This panel will discuss the practical impact of the GPDR on profiling and Big Data techniques and what companies can start doing to prepare for the changes ahead.

– Assessing Vendors for Privacy Risk & Compliance: We’re all in this together –

Panel discussion of in-house counsel and compliance specialist to discuss the challenges of engaging third parties with access to personal data globally. Includes managing conflict of laws issues, assessments in less technically proficient jurisdictions, audits, contracting and updating contracts with the fast pace of change in privacy regulation.

– Customizable PIA and DPIA Assessments: Analyze Benefits and Risks of Data Processing –

This session will introduce a comprehensive assessment process and explain how this assessment process is customizable for other risks, regions, sectors and industries and how this assessment process can be used as a Data Protection Impact Assessment under the GDPR. This speakers will also Introduce how to automate this assessment process and share how automation will enable customization and adaptation for GDPR compliance and a broad range of organizational use cases.

– Smart Tech and Smart Nation Initiative: Balancing Privacy and Innovation –

Singapore is gearing up to be the world’s first Smart Nation. This vision entails ubiquitous efficient connectivity for individuals and for devices on a machine-to-machine basis, whereby businesses can innovate with new solutions and human lives are bettered. At the same time, corporate businesses are embracing this digital age with new disruptive technologies, leveraging on the Internet of Things, and cloud solutions. This panel will look at the lessons from Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative, key data protection and security challenges that each country will face and rationalising with individuals’ growing concern over privacy and security in this age of ‘data-terrorism’.

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