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TrustArc – TRUSTe Update

New Name – New Look – Continued Commitment to Privacy Compliance Innovation

Today we changed our name to TrustArc.  Our new name reflects our evolution from a privacy certification company into a global provider of technology powered privacy compliance and risk management solutions.  

The name change also coincides with our 20th anniversary of delivering innovative privacy solutions.

The TrustArc brand will be used for all corporate communications as well as our technology platform and consulting services.  The TRUSTe brand will continue to be used for our certification offerings, including the certification seal.   While most of the changes have already been implemented on our website and collateral, some items will be transitioned over the next few weeks.

TrustArc Hierarchy

TRUSTe History

The TRUSTe name dates back to 1997 when we were founded to provide certifications to help businesses assure users they could share their data online by demonstrating adherence to a high standard for privacy management.  The TRUSTe name became synonymous with our certification services and the iconic green privacy seal displayed on thousands of websites worldwide.  

While certifications remain an important component of many company’s privacy programs, managing privacy compliance and risk has become increasingly complex due to new regulations such as the GDPR, cyber security concerns, and increased volumes of personal data collection.  Businesses need a wide range of technologies and consulting services to help them design, implement, manage and demonstrate their enterprise privacy programs.

To meet these evolving market requirements, we launched the first module of our Data Privacy Management Platform in 2011 to address advertising privacy compliance.  Our technology platform has been continuously expanded and now includes data inventory and mapping, risk assessment, website monitoring, consent management, and dispute resolution capabilities.  

The platform now generates the largest percentage of our revenue and is used to power TRUSTe certifications and our rapidly growing consulting and managed service business.

Introducing TrustArc

The TrustArc name reinforces our deep privacy expertise developed over the past two decades along with our ongoing expansion into new technology powered solutions.

“Trust” reflects our strong history as an innovator and leader in the privacy market, and the value businesses place on ensuring they can build trust with their customers and partners.

“Arc” conveys the broader set of solutions we now offer and our ongoing commitment to continuously expand our technology platform and services to meet the future needs of our clients.

The TrustArc symbol, inspired by the strength and intelligence of dolphins, reflects the continued evolution of the privacy industry along with the continued changes that both our clients and TrustArc will need to make to address new challenges as they arise.

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Dolphin Traits TrustArc Strengths
Intelligence – The dolphin’s brain is the most powerful and complex in animals, second only to humans Our solutions are powered by robust technology and regulatory intelligence derived from two decades of experience.
Collaboration – Dolphins are highly social and usually travel together in pods Strong partnerships with clients and other solutions providers help us address the needs of organizations of all sizes, across all industries.
Agility – With bodies shaped like torpedoes, dolphins can maneuver through the water at rapid speeds of over 20 mph Our depth of expertise and agile development approach enables us to rapidly respond to ongoing changes in the global privacy market.
Protection – Sailors have long believed that dolphins are a good omen and protectors of those in need For two decades, we have provided a range of solutions that enable organizations to demonstrate how they protect privacy.
Inner Strength – Dolphins are fearless in the wild, and if threatened by sharks or orcas, do not hesitate to fight rather than flee We have been the privacy solutions market leader for 20 years, and do not hesitate to swiftly adapt to changing market needs.

TrustArc offers an unmatched combination of solutions backed by over 150 employees dedicated to privacy, a comprehensive purpose-built technology platform used by over 1,000 clients, and a proven methodology honed through thousands of customer engagements over the past 20 years.

In addition to continuously expanding our technology platform and services to meet our clients needs, we are opening our platform to integrate with other key business systems as well as making our platform available for partners across the privacy ecosystem to use to deliver their services.

The spirit of innovation that has inspired TRUSTe for the past 20 years will continue to guide TrustArc into the future.  It’s why more than 1,000 clients worldwide rely on us to minimize risk and help fuel new business initiatives.

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