The results of the TrustArc / Dimensional research report on the status of U.S. Privacy and GDPR Compliance Programs will be shared in a three-part blog post series:

  • To review Part 1, the General Privacy Market Results, click here
  • To review Part 2: GDPR Compliance Results, click here
  • Part 3: Privacy Program Implementation Results

Companies report needing help in a wide range of areas, topped by GDPR planning, international data transfer, compliance reporting, conducting PIAs / DPIAs, and data inventory.

Many GDPR implementation plans begin with conducting a data inventory; however, companies face three common challenges when it comes to data inventory. The three challenges cited most by the privacy professionals surveyed were difficulty to maintain and update privacy programs (57%), lack of appropriate tools and technology (56%), and lack of internal resources (54%).


50% of the respondents preferred dealing with outside vendors that could provide both tools and technology, together with process/legal expertise.


In terms of desired capabilities for third party vendors, the most important in terms of priority ranking were knowledge of the customer’s industry (48%) and years of experience (39%).


To download a copy of the TrustArc “Privacy and the EU GDPR” research report, click here.


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