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FTC PS Review

By Hilary Wandall, TrustArc General Counsel & Chief Data Governance Officer

This week I am attending the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners from September 25 – 29 in Hong Kong. This conference has convened since 1979 and serves to provide leadership on privacy and data protection at the international level.

I will be sharing some of the highlights on the evolution of privacy and its importance for all organizations.

Privacy Shield Declared a Success!  

The U.S. Department of Commerce, the Federal Trade Commission and the European Commission kicked off the conference with a session reporting out on last week’s Joint Annual Review of the Privacy Shield.  They highlighted key presentations and discussions that contributed to demonstrating the effective functioning of the Privacy Shield, including the Independent Recourse Mechanism and Verification presentation we provided on behalf of TrustArc.  While the European Commission’s official report is not expected until the second half of October, Bruno Gencarelli declared that “from the perspective of the European Commission, Privacy Shield is a success!”

Privacy Regulation Expanding

As we kick of the 39th Annual ICDPPC here in Hong Kong today, I am surrounded by many familiar faces as the East and West connect here on privacy.  We’ve marveled at how much the privacy and data protection landscape continues to evolve not only in terms of substantive challenges related to transparency and fairness in artificial intelligence and machine learning or data transfers among countries in the west and east, but also the 110 regulatory authorities that now comprise the ICDPPC.  In fact, since the 32nd ICDPPC in Jerusalem, where I moderated a session on the then novel topic of personalized medicine, 26 new regulatory authorities have been accredited as members of the ICDPPC.

Next Generation Technologies Necessitate Comprehensive DPIAs

Our policy partners, the Information Accountability Foundation (IAF) and the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF), co-hosted a session on Sustainable Innovation with Effective Data Protection.  Researchers identified some of the privacy challenges in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and policy leaders, including Singapore Deputy Data Protection Commissioner, Yeung Zee Kin, proposed solutions such as procedural safeguards, principles and the type of comprehensive DPIA that we have been partnering with IAF to develop.

Yeung Zee Kin

Tomorrow I will share additional highlights from the conference.


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