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In a recent article, DealCrunch provided a thorough review of TrustArc, its history, and the benefits it provides to clients. The following highlights are excerpts from that article.

In addition to helping clients around the globe meet certification requirements for frameworks such as Privacy Shield and APEC, the Assessment Manager module was introduced in 2015 to give companies a systematic way to check on the privacy implications of a certain action and then have the tools to respond. “It gives companies the ability to automate privacy risk assessments in-house,” said Dave Deasy, SVP Product & Marketing.

TrustArc Assessment Manager

As internet privacy and security come more into focus, the e-commerce industry has been subject to increasing regulatory compliance demands. Without a partner to help, many online companies can find themselves expending valuable resources on compliance.

The TrustArc Privacy Platform is technology that can solve those compliance woes, and, because it is constantly evolving to address new mandates and risks, it can help companies deal with future issues.

Through all the change that’s taken place in the online privacy assessment and management arena, and within TrustArc itself, one thing has remained: TrustArc’s commitment to helping brands back up what they say about data privacy.

To find out more about how TrustArc can help your organization prepare for the GDPR, speak to one of our privacy experts.


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