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No matter where you are in your journey to GDPR compliance, how you meet the requirements is very important.

With more than 200 pages and close to 100 different articles plus recitals, the EU GDPR introduces a broad range of privacy compliance requirements. Implementing your compliance roadmap after conducting a gap analysis will require implementing controls, measuring risk, and assigning tasks in a consistent, sustainable manner. While ad hoc processes and templates can create inconsistencies, using GDPR specific assessment templates will promote the consistency needed to meet the May 25th deadline and continue compliance beyond the deadline.

To help companies meet requirements in a sustainable manner, TrustArc has expanded its library of privacy assessments with the launch of over a dozen GDPR assessment templates available in the TrustArc Platform. Together, these assessments provide an automated and structured approach and methodology to translate complex privacy regulations into a streamlined review process.

Some key benefits include:

  • GDPR Focused: The assessments address GDPR requirements including Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA), Individual Rights, Legitimate Interests and Vendor Risk.
  • Automation for Sustainability: Powered by Intelligent Content, the assessments leverage automated functionality to make reporting faster and easier with capabilities such as gap analysis, risk calculations and remediation recommendations.
  • Expert Review: The GDPR Assessments were developed by TrustArc policy experts with the input and review from privacy regulators, external policy groups and law firms.

The TrustArc GDPR Assessment Library is part of the TrustArc Privacy Platform. Learn more here.

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