GDPR Validation Monitor


While GDPR Articles 40-43 contain provisions outlining certification programs and codes of conduct that may be established in the future, companies are seeking efficient, independent ways to benchmark and report on their compliance efforts now. The TrustArc GDPR Validation is designed to meet that need.  

In a press release announcing the launch of GDPR Validation, Chris Babel, CEO of TrustArc, stated that “TrustArc is leveraging its decades of privacy certification leadership and experience to provide a GDPR validation solution that can help companies meet the needs of their customers, partners and other stakeholders — now and after the May 25 deadline to comply”.

The Validation Requirements are mapped to each applicable Article of the GDPR, Article 29 Working Party guidelines, ISO 27001 and other relevant standards. Companies choosing the GDPR Validation can demonstrate their GDPR compliance efforts and status using intelligent technology-powered assessments, managed services and independent compliance validation.

Validation scope options include:

  • Program Validation for a company-wide GDPR program, and/or
  • Practices Validation for specific GDPR-impacted processes and technologies.

The solution is powered by  the Assessment Manager module of the TrustArc Platform to simplify the process of managing the assessment, identifying gaps, reviewing remediation recommendations, assigning tasks, recording the audit trail of changes, and generating reports.

For more information on the TrustArc GDPR Validation, please contact us.

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