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Today technology solutions are needed to efficiently manage and operationalize privacy. Many organizations have an increasing reliance on data to drive business, there is an influx of new technologies into the workplace, and there are regulatory requirements to demonstrate ongoing compliance.

To help companies navigate the influx of solutions, the IAPP created the Privacy Tech Vendor Report. That report was initially released 18 months ago, and this year the report has grown to encompass 10 product categories and more than 150 companies. The report contains information from privacy practitioners that is meant to help companies that are acquiring new technology. Specifically, it is meant to answer questions such as: With more than 100 vendors out there, and growing by the day, how can a practitioner know which vendor will be the best fit?

While the Privacy Tech Vendor Report is very helpful when acquiring new technology, there were still questions left unanswered, so the IAPP teamed up with TrustArc to find the answers. “How Privacy Tech is Bought and Deployed” takes it a step farther. It provides insight into who is using these privacy tech solutions, what they’ve bought, who had the budget, who had influence over the decision making, and current and future plans for purchasing to help companies benchmark versus the industry. This new research provides a baseline by which we can measure changes over time to monitor progress in the industry.

For this research, 328 privacy professionals from around the globe were asked several questions related to these privacy tech categories:

Privacy Program Management: solutions designed specifically for the privacy office

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Enterprise Privacy Management: solutions designed to service the needs of the privacy office alongside the overall business needs of an organization

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Most respondents came from the US, technology and telecom industries, and were managers or directors:

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They were asked demographic questions first. Then, with regard to the 10 basic privacy technology categories in the IAPP Privacy Tech Vendor Report, they were asked how they would describe their organizations status in the purchase process: not purchased; planning to purchase in the future; have purchased but still testing; or purchased, tested, and implemented. They were also asked who was involved in the decision to acquire the technology, whose budget was or would be used to acquire the technology, who would, or does use the technology, and from whom the privacy technology was acquired.

We will be writing about the findings in a series of blog posts:

  • Part II: Privacy Tech Adoption Approaching the Tipping Point
  • Part III: Three Fastest Growing Solutions
  • Part IV: Privacy has a Strong Influence on Purchase Decisions

To read the entire report now, click here.