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HW on IAPP panel
Hilary speaking on closing panel.

This year the IAPP Asia Privacy Forum was held July 23rd to July 24th at the Marina Bay Sands located in Singapore’s central business district. This beautiful venue was a great stage for the discussions about everything from “Mapping APEC to the GDPR” to “Trans-Border Data Flow and Cross-Border Data Breaches.”

Our General Counsel and Chief Data Governance Officer Hilary Wandall was a panelist during the keynote closing session on July 24th. Hilary and fellow panelists David Alfred (Chief Counsel, Legal,Personal Data Protection Commission, Singapore), Keith Enright (Legal Director, Privacy, Google), Huey Tan (APAC Senior Privacy Counsel, Apple), and moderator Bojana Bellamy (President, Centre for Information Policy Leadership, Hunton Andrews Kurth), discussed “Incentivising Accountability & Certifications as Enablers for Global Data Flows.”  Each panelist discussed what accountability means on a high level, and how it works in practice.

At TrustArc, we have been enabling companies to demonstrate accountability since our first certification program in 1997 – our “Website Privacy Certification.” Since then the privacy landscape has changed. Data privacy laws and frameworks have evolved with companies’ increased business focus on using personal data. In turn, TrustArc Certifications and assurance programs have also evolved to support privacy’s importance in conducting business today.

Hilary discussed how companies can scale their privacy programs by using solutions that implement controls with global regulations and frameworks in mind, thereby taking advantage of commonalities between various regulations and frameworks. One way that TrustArc assessments help companies demonstrate accountability is by infusing privacy expertise into rules, guidance, tasks, and remediation recommendations as well as the privacy advisories we provide to our clients.

She also highlighted the importance that technology plays in companies’ privacy programs today, underscored by the recent research conducted by the IAPP and TrustArc. One finding that illustrates privacy’s importance today is that companies have implemented, or plan to implement privacy technology in eight of the ten privacy tech categories in the research study: network activity monitoring, security enterprise communications, website scanning/cookie management, incident response management, privacy information management, privacy program assessment management, data mapping & flow, and personal data discovery. What’s more, privacy’s role in the purchasing decisions of this technology is growing.

Well planned privacy programs implemented with technology are necessary to keep pace with today’s reliance on data driven businesses. TrustArc will continue to innovate solutions that help companies demonstrate accountability through certifications and assurance programs as well as reporting aligned with specific regulatory requirements, such as demonstrating records of data processing and effective risk mitigation through data protection impact assessments.



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