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On November 8th in sunny San Jose, TrustArc was pleased to take part at the California Lawyers Association’s annual IP Institute.  Speaking on a panel entitled GDPR: Lessons Learned from the Front Line, TrustArc shared tips and insights both for organizations still working towards GDPR compliance, and for those seeking to take their privacy programs to the next level, including for interoperability with other global privacy laws and frameworks.

Not lost in the discussion was the fact that many law firms, of all sizes, are likewise still looking to their own GDPR/privacy compliance, which is critical to their being viewed as trustworthy stewards of confidential client information.

During a discussion-based panel with lively audience questions, TrustArc Senior Counsel, Darren Abernethy, offered observations for companies and law firms based on TrustArc’s unique position in the privacy and data protection ecosystem–as a provider of privacy technology platform solutions, privacy consulting services, and certifications/verifications.  

Some of the practical topics discussed included:

  • Tips around successful internal data protection preparation strategies seen with TrustArc customers–from identifying privacy stakeholders to updating contracts.
  • The criticality of thinking through all of an organization’s business process activities in order to map data flows and prepare GDPR Article 30 records of processing–while automating risk evaluations for possible Article 35 data protection impact assessments (DPIAs).
  • Individual rights management issues, tips on setting up a program for data subject access requests (using centralized technology to do so), and verifications.
  • Likely early GDPR enforcement issues from EU authorities, and how regulators around the world keep track more than ever of their counterparts’ privacy actions.
  • How to manage records of consent across an org, whether via webform, cookie consent or other methods, such as in the Internet of Things environment.  And, how consent records are increasingly important in mergers & acquisitions.

To learn more about how TrustArc can assist your company with technology solutions, consulting, privacy assurance programs, or the California Consumer Privacy Act contact TrustArc today for more information or to set up a demo.

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