TrustArc had the pleasure of participating in Data Protection World Forum last week at Excel London. TrustArc proudly sponsored the GDPR Advanced Theatre and the GDPR Refresh Theatre at the event.  TrustArc SVP of Sales & Consulting Eleanor Treharne-Jones spoke on “Fit for GDPR: Lifestyle not a Sprint” and “What next? Continuing the GDPR compliance Journey.”

The “Fit for GDPR: Lifestyle not a Sprint” session discussed findings from the GDPR Benchmark Research.  Eleanor explored the current GDPR compliance status results which showed that as the 25 May GDPR deadline hit, 80% of companies were still working on GDPR compliance.  Furthermore, research showed that 27% of EU respondents were fully compliant versus only 12% in the US. Eleanor outlined the top motivation factors when it comes to GDPR  compliance: meeting customer expectations / requirements, supporting our company values, and meeting partner or other third-party expectations / requirements. To learn more about the research examined in this session, download the 2018 GDPR Compliance Status.

Eleanor also discussed the evolution of global privacy requirements, such the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) set it go into effect on 1 January 2020.  The act broadly expands rights of consumers and requires businesses within scope to be significantly more transparent about how they collect, use, disclose and sell personal information.  Eleanor stressed that all “in scope businesses” need to enhance data privacy management practices, expand individual rights processes, and update privacy policies by the deadline. To learn more about the CCPA, view the Guide to CCPA Compliance.

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