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Last week, TrustArc proudly sponsored IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress 2018 in Brussels!  Data protection professionals from around the world gathered together to discuss GDPR era experiences, challenges and solutions during the two day conference. The event provided ample opportunities for learning and networking with industry experts.

On Wednesday, TrustArc Director, International Regulatory Affairs, Josh Harris spoke on “APEC-EU Work on Certifications: Using CBPRs to Facilitate GDPR Compliance.”  He was joined by fellow panelists Satoru Hamaguchi (Personal Information Protection Commission Japan), Merel Schwaanhuyser (Accenture), Michelle Sylvester-Jose (International Trade Administration), Isabelle Vereecken (European Data Protection Board) and moderator Bojana Bellamy (Centre for Information Policy Leadership). The panelists discussed CBPR & PRP requirements and robustness of the certification process, and the benefits to organisations for compliance.

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On the Little Big Stage, TrustArc Solutions Consultant Julian Hicks spoke on “Simplifying Privacy Management through Automation and Intelligent Technology.”  Julian demonstrated how technology solutions like TrustArc Data Flow Manager can help companies manage privacy risks and GDPR compliance.

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TrustArc CEO Chris Babel spoke on “Quantifying GDPR Operations” on Thursday with IAPP Content Director Sam Pfeifle and GFT Technologies CPO Ernst-Oliver Wilhelm.  The group discussed freshly collected data, analyzed the findings, and examined the future of managing all of the various GDPR tasks. To learn more about the TrustArc / IAPP research, download “How Privacy Tech is Bought and Sold” here.

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