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On Tuesday, Jan. 8, the California Department of Justice kicked off its public forum series on the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in San Francisco. These forums will provide the public with an opportunity to take part in the CCPA rulemaking process. The San Francisco forum took place at the Milton Marks Conference Center where the forum was a full house with approximately 150 attendees including TrustArc team members. This list of areas from section 1798.185 were provided to make comments easier to follow:  

  1. Categories of Personal Information
  2. Definition of Unique Identifiers
  3. Exceptions to CCPA
  4. Submitting and Complying with Requests
  5. Uniform Opt-Out Logo/Button
  6. Notices and Information to Consumer
  7. Verification of Consumer’s Request

Participants included a broad range of people from both businesses and consumers, both for profit and non-profit organizations.

While comments encompassed a range of areas, common concerns and comments surrounded:

  • Definition of “Personal Information”: For example, it was noted that Internet Protocol addresses may not necessarily be connected to one person.
  • Safe Harbor: Several participants noted that a safe harbor would be helpful for businesses.
  • Authenticating User Requests: Many people were concerned about the data that may need to be collected in order to verify a consumer’s identity when submitting a request.
  • Definition of “To Sell”: Representatives from the advertising industry requested clarification of the definition of “sell”.
  • Definition of a “business”: For example, what percentage of the annual gross revenue or the 50 percent of sales must come from a California resident?  

Future CCPA public forums will take place in San Diego (Jan. 14), Riverside, Calif. (Jan. 24), Los Angeles (Jan. 25), Sacramento, (Feb. 5) and Fresno, Calif. (Feb. 13).

TrustArc is an active participant in privacy conferences and our team regularly attend policy forums to help inform and shape our solutions. With privacy experts spanning the world in the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia, our team is at the forefront of the ever-changing privacy landscape. To speak with a privacy expert about the California Consumer Privacy Act, schedule a consultation today!

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