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Amsterdam, March 13. Data Privacy Trust, a specialist system integrator for leading GDPR compliance software solutions, and TrustArc, the leading data privacy management company, today announce their partnership to provide a comprehensive suite of privacy compliance solutions.

Data Privacy Trust has been appointed as an authorized reseller of the TrustArc privacy Platform, which includes modules to address a wide range of compliance requirements, including Assessment Manager, Cookie Consent Manager, Data Flow Manager, Direct Marketing Consent Manager, Individual Rights Manager, and Website Monitoring Manager. The Platform, along with other services Data Privacy Trust provides will enable companies of all sizes across a wide range of industries to address compliance requirements like the EU GDPR.

“TrustArc is pleased to work with Data Privacy Trust to help support the needs of privacy, security, and legal professionals and other employees who are tasked with complying with privacy frameworks and laws such as GDPR”, says Eleanor Treharne-Jones , Head of Global Sales and Consulting at TrustArc. “By working with Data Privacy Trust, we are expanding the availability of our solutions to meet the demands of companies who need efficient ways to manage privacy compliance throughout their organisations.”

“We consider ourselves to be an innovative force in a developing market by coupling best-of-breed software solutions with professional and transparent consulting services”, says Data Privacy Trust CTO Hans Johansson. “We chose to work with TrustArc because they have over 20 years of experience in this industry and a long customer list that includes some of the most prestigious brands and they offer in depth privacy expertise”.

Data Privacy Trust’s solutions and consulting services are delivered by a team of local privacy experts with extensive experience in managing privacy, security, risk and compliance programs for companies in many industries such as telecom, payments, energy, hospitality and retail.

By offering a qualified range of data privacy solutions, Data Privacy Trust can match their client’s specific needs with the best possible solutions available on the market. Data Privacy Trust is also going to deliver consulting services to support ongoing compliance which sets them apart from companies providing one-time consulting services. While traditional consultancies are helping companies to establish basic privacy activities, Data Privacy Trust’s ambition is to significantly improve the performance and outcomes of their client’s operational compliance efforts by supplying the tools and the expertise needed to adopt best practices, enhance data quality, and perform advanced activities.

Data Privacy Trust will initially be covering the Benelux with a team of local Data Protection Officers to provide customers with the best data protection compliance solutions in close cooperation with TrustArc.

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