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TrustArc was pleased to re-launch the Privacy Innovation & Technology Meetup group on March 13, 2019. 

Begun in 2012, this regularly scheduled San Francisco Bay Area group is open to anyone interested in learning about privacy, hearing about cutting edge topics in technology, and engaging in collegial networking (along with optional fizzy libations).  The PI&T Meetup group continues to bring together individuals from leading cross-industry companies, academics, consumer rights advocates, students, non-profit organizations and other thought leaders, to describe just a few of the group’s nearly 500 members.

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The most recent PI&T session was entitled “Geolocation: The Real-World ‘Cookie’ Eaten All Day,” presented by Darren Abernethy, TrustArc Senior Counsel.  As always, the Meetup was presented for informational purposes only, and was viewpoint-neutral as to any of the issues of the day described during the session or by attendees in Q&A.  

The event was robust in both its scope and its audience discussion before and after the main presentation, the topics for which included:

  • Location Privacy in the News
  • Privacy + Digital Advertising 101
  • Geolocation Basics, and From Where It Is Generally Derived
  • Common Consumer and Business Uses of Location-Based Services
  • The Regulatory and Legal Landscape (Past, Present and Possible Future)
  • Best Practices for Businesses
  • What You Can Do As a Consumer
  • Takeaways for Businesses and Helpful Suggestions

The group walked through the mechanics of GPS location, cellular and WiFi triangulation, methods location providers employ to respect privacy, mobile operating system location settings, and de-identification techniques for businesses.

For more information about how TrustArc’s solutions may assist companies with their geolocation and other data-driven practices, contact TrustArc at  

To register for future Privacy Innovation and Technology Meetups, sign up for free on the official page at  Each session’s description will be listed there as well.

We look forward to seeing you in the future!

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