Personal data makes so much possible in technology, and health care, and marketing, and retail, and… where does privacy fit in? Explore that question and more by attending the IAPP Canada Privacy Symposium 2019. This year’s symposium features two days of breakout sessions focused on the challenges of deriving value from personal data while protecting individual rights. Hear advice on fundamentals such as breach response, privacy/data security synergy, data localization and anonymization, and vendor management. Look ahead to policy developments that will influence privacy practice.

TrustArc is proud to have several speakers at this month’s IAPP Canada Symposium in Toronto! Our speakers will cover everything from Canadian/American/European privacy regimes to global data incident response management plus global regulatory developments impact on Canada:

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insight from the industry’s top thinkers! To learn more about this conference, check out the entire IAPP Canada Privacy Symposium 2019 schedule and program. Find out what other events TrustArc will be at in 2019 here.


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