TrustArc is excited to participate in the upcoming webinar on “How to Avoid a CCPA Data Subject Request Denial of Service Attack” on Thursday, December 5 at 11am PT. TrustArc SVP of Products & Engineering Michael Lin will join Evident Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder Nathan Rowe and Integris VP of Global BD & EMEA Operations Drew Schuil to discuss demonstrating compliance through DSR fulfillment automation with identity verification. 

Companies that are flooded with thousands of DSRs all at once are at greater risk for a denial of service (DoS) attack that can overwhelm CSR and IT staff. In this scenario, manual processes reach a breaking point, in which businesses can’t safely respond to requests within the required timelines (usually 30 to 45 days depending on the regulation). With CCPA right around the corner, there’s no time like the present to start thinking about your company’s plans to circumvent DoS attacks and streamline DSR processes, which, according to the new regulations, must now include identity verification prior to fulfilling each request.

Join a lively panel discussion with experts from TrustArc, Integris Software, and Evident, and get ready to pose your toughest DSR fulfillment questions live as they explain:

  • Why you must address data subject rights as a big data problem
  • How to automate identity verification of DSAR requests
  • The critical components of DSR lifecycle management
  • The importance of privacy- and security-by-design

Each registrant will receive a copy of the white paper, “Solving DSAR’s Big Data Problem – Four Recommendations Plus the One Thing You Should Never Do.” Can’t make the webinar? Don’t worry. Register now, and we’ll send you the recording.

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