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11 25 DPC Blog

It was a busy but fantastic week for TrustArc in the Belgian capital at the annual International Association of Privacy Professionals Europe Data Protection Congress.

TrustArc began the conference with the announcement of its acquisition of privacy industry heavyweight Nymity.  The companies have joined forces to accelerate development of the next generation of technology-driven privacy solutions.  The news was received with overwhelming excitement by conference goers and news media, and will usher in incredible new content and product synergies for current and future customers.

In addition to countless conversations with friends old and new from organizations of all sizes, industries and geographies, as well as with officials from the public sector and regulatory bodies, TrustArc and Nymity also participated in the conference’s educational and information sharing efforts.  

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TrustArc SVP, Privacy Intelligence and General Counsel, Hilary Wandall, shone on the “Little Big Stage” where she unveiled the results of an IAPP-TrustArc survey report entitled “Measuring Privacy Operations in 2019.”  The survey gauged what global privacy professionals–from organizations ranging from less than 250 employees to more than 25,000 employees–have done to meet increasing data privacy compliance requirements to which their organizations are subject.  

Alongside IAPP Research Director, Caitlin Fennessy, Hilary performed a deep dive for a standing room-only audience, going over the report’s revealing findings and trends with respect to whether companies are adopting a single global privacy strategy (versus more regional or local implementations); what types of privacy impact assessments they conduct; how many privacy laws they currently must comply with; whether the companies have made any privacy-related operational changes within the last 12 months, and much more. 

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Nymity EU Operations and Strategy Director Paul Breitbarth participated on three separate panels during the conference. Paul stepped on to the Little Big Stage on Wednesday morning and explained how Nymity turns compliance data into knowledge for any team in an organisation. On Wednesday evening, Paul joined his fellow panelist to discuss “Using your Register of Processing Activities to Demonstrate Compliance.” The panel provided and examined real-world examples of the challenges faced by global organisations and what they do to overcome them. As Data Protection Congress was coming to a close, Paul joined the panel on “Artificial Intelligence: From Principles to Practice” and spoke on how companies get from overarching ethical principles to a robust legal framework.

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Darren Abernethy, TrustArc Senior Counsel, also led a session entitled “Winning with Privacy:  Implementing Consent and DSARs to Comply AND Win Customers.” The panel first overviewed the basics of digital advertising; then addressed the various “cookie”- and ePrivacy Directive-related guidances released in the last year, including by EU privacy regulators from the U.K., France, Germany and Spain; then discussed the role of third-party cookies and consent under the California Consumer Privacy Act, as well as the importance of website cookie audits (including to help make determinations as to “service provider” vs. “third party” status for vendors); and offered practical tips on how to set up compliant and responsive DSAR/individual rights programs within organizations.  

The panel spent time showing real-world examples of how cookie consent and individual rights implementations look on actual digital properties “in the wild,” providing the audience with collective insights from the panelists’ extensive experience with exactly these matters, including their use of scalable, automated technology solutions across privacy programs to account for local variations in legal requirements.

If you would like copies of slides from the above presentations, or would like to discuss how TrustArc’s Cookie Consent Manager or Individual Rights Manager may be leveraged to facilitate your company’s privacy compliance and data value maximization, we welcome you to contact TrustArc at any time for more information.