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Covid 19

The times of Corona are far from behind us, so this week on Serious Privacy, we discussed a medical topic: what is the relationship between technological innovation and pharma? How can they work together to facilitate new ways of working? And why do innovation and quick thinking really count in a pandemic like we have now? Listen to the new episode now.

Companies that were global in nature and already using virtual practices had to quickly reconsider the tools and partnerships they had in place. In addition, companies strengthened relationships with clients using tech, but are letting clients dictate their critical needs.

“Healthcare professionals are getting more quality information at the time they want, at the place they want, in the way they want.”

Listen to hear Ashley Slavik of Veeva and Jennifer Couture of Alexion discuss the innovation they have seen over the past month – everything from how tech helps companies enhance their business activities to working with colleagues in new ways. Ashley discussed how Europe thanks healthcare workers and Jennifer shares how water cooler conversations can still happen. In this episode of Serious Privacy, we bring profound insights and tricks to make every day better.

If you’re interested in learning more about how COVID-19 has affected privacy, listen to Serious Privacy’s two-part series on COVID-19, where we talk about the virus with a number of guests, discussing employee privacy, the collection of health data and the latest regulator guidance. Listen to part 1 and part 2 here.

Stay informed of COVID-19 updates and how it relates to data privacy with special resources and guidance provided through Research & Alerts – a solution designed to provide complete and instant insight into privacy compliance with global regulatory updates. Contact TrustArc today to see if you qualify for free access to Research & Alerts.

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