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TrustArc has announced a significant expansion to the TrustArc Privacy Management Platform that simplifies and automates the process of managing privacy and data risk across the entire organization. Delivered through TrustArc’s Risk Profile, the new capabilities provide a comprehensive view of risk across company processes and third-party systems and generate automated, actionable business insights. 

Risk Profile is unique in its ability to bring together considerations with respect to privacy, data-related, and third party risk, and how to manage a privacy program. To do this, Risk Profile reviews data and records a company processes, whether internal or from third-parties. It then provides an immediate, continuous evaluation of company risk in accordance with specific laws and corresponding mitigation recommendations. New capabilities of the Risk Profile include:

  • Automated and comprehensive view of risk across third-party data and internal processes as it pertains to more than 130 laws globally;
  • Through a dynamic dashboard with drill-down capabilities, an aggregate view of privacy risk across all systems, vendors, partners, and business activities for simple and holistic management and operations; 
  • Extension of TrustArc’s Risk Algorithm library 5-fold to nearly 1800 rules across 130 countries; and,
  • Simple visualization of risk factor distribution across regions and countries.

These features make it easier for organizations to: identify high-risk business activities tied to data use  within their company, detect and prioritize third-party risk, conduct the appropriate risk evaluations, calculate the risk at the business-activity level, aggregate risk across the company, and allow stakeholders to quickly align around risk-mitigation priorities. 

“TrustArc is the only company that offers a fully automated privacy platform with the depth of privacy intelligence required to navigate today’s complicated regulatory environment and unpredictable business challenges,” said Chris Babel, CEO, TrustArc. “The new capabilities of the Risk Profile provide a simplified view of risk obligations to facilitate quick business decision making. These critical new features further cement customers’ ability to develop a holistic and scalable privacy program.”

To learn more about the TrustArc Risk Profile, read the solutions brief or schedule a demo today. TrustArc will also be hosting a webinar on “Third-Party Risk Management: How to Identify, Assess & Act” on 5/20. Register here.



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