TrustArc has launched our annual Global Privacy Benchmarks Survey, a new initiative to assess the impact of privacy requirements, and the challenges and opportunities companies face worldwide. We invite you to complete the survey so we can better understand privacy practices, challenges and opportunities across sectors and countries. Note that this survey is not assessing your privacy competency nor that of the company you work for. Rather, the survey gives you an opportunity to inform the future of privacy protection initiatives.

Our Global Privacy Benchmark survey is run by a third-party firm in order to ensure your responses remain anonymous and confidential, and to ensure that the results are unbiased. Any answers given to the survey will be provided back to us in aggregate form only. Individual responses will not be shared. 

The survey only takes 10-15 minutes to complete. Take TrustArc’s 2020 Global Privacy Benchmarks Survey here

We are looking forward to delivering impactful insights to the public to enhance privacy globally. 

Any questions regarding this survey and how the results will be used can be directed to Bruce Warren at


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