What do you get when a European and an American discuss concerns about returning to work after the recent quarantines? This week on the Serious Privacy podcast, co-hosts Paul Breitbarth and K Royal give listeners an inside view on what privacy professionals are thinking about. After two months, the worst of the Corona Crisis in many countries seems to be behind us. Slowly, countries and states are opening up, releasing roadmaps on relaxing their quarantine measures and taking steps to allow people to go back to work. Nevertheless, for the time being, it seems “continue to work from home where possible” will remain the best practice around the world. But whenever employees return to the office on a regular basis, it is already clear companies will need to prepare. The new normal of the six-feet-society and social distancing will cause a challenge in itself to be accommodated in offices, but there is also a lot to consider from a privacy and data protection perspective.  Listen to this week’s episode on your favorite podcast platform or stream the episode below.

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