Privacy is not a luxury, yet marginalized populations are more scrutinized and adversely impacted. How do we build equality into the data and practices on using data? It is no surprise that in today’s day and age, data is ubiquitous. Every step we take is documented by multiple devices, from our smartphones and smart watches to street cameras, allowing for massive data sets to be created. 

Hardly anyone understands all that is happening with these data, but we do know they are being used for marketing purposes. But what if the data would also be used for the greater good, for example, in the current COVID-19 crisis? Would it also be possible to use more data for social justice, in order to promote equality, or to prevent crime? But could this also lead to some darker use patterns for data

K Royal and Paul Breitbarth discuss these critical issues with Pedro Pavón, Senior Corporate Counsel at He has held privacy roles in multiple cloud companies, but also has a passion for ensuring that tech remains a force for good. Listen in as we discuss powerful topics, touching on racial bias, flawed data, and the role that inclusion plays at all levels of an organization to create a more socially just world. This week’s episode can be heard on our website or streamed below. 

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