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External Verification Demonstrates Visier’s Commitment to Upholding Internationally Recognized Global Privacy Principles and Standards

TrustArc was chosen by Visier for International Privacy Verification. Visier, the recognized leader in people analytics and planning, leverages complex people data to predict employment trends and inform HR decisions. The company sought independent, third-party verification to help validate its proactive approach to data protection and privacy compliance.

Visier holds the highest market share in the Workforce Analytics software market, serving more than 5,000 customers in 75 countries. The software is built to address HR challenges using hundreds of pre-built questions and metrics, as well as reporting and dashboard options, which are informed by employee data to provide HR professionals with highly accurate scenarios and models. TrustArc’s TRUSTe International Privacy Verification confirms organization-wide privacy compliance that aligns with internationally recognized, global privacy standards and principles such as those established in the Privacy Shield Framework, a necessity to serve Visier’s worldwide customer base.

“The privacy landscape continues to evolve on a daily basis,” Chris Babel, CEO, TrustArc. “Organizations with privacy programs that scale to meet the demands of new and changing regulations will help drive their business forward. External validations, such as the TRUSTe International Privacy Verification, show customers that the company in question has taken the steps necessary to secure ongoing data privacy. We applaud Visier’s concerted approach to data privacy as a differentiator, business enabler, and customer experience pillar.”

“Visier is pleased to achieve the TRUSTe International Privacy Verification, which shows that our privacy program and practices have been reviewed and validated by a leader in data privacy,” said Ruth Yeo, Head of Privacy and Data Protection at Visier. “This seal reinforces our commitment and efforts toward upholding global privacy standards. It also gives our customers added confidence and the reassurance that we are handling their people data in the safest way.

Organizations that receive a TRUSTe Verification undergo a three-phase process. The Validation demonstrates privacy compliance that aligns with established privacy principles.

  • The Assessment phase. A member of the Global Privacy Solutions team helps organizations define an assessment scope and guides discovery, the results of which are included in a findings report. 
  • The Remediation and Verifications phase. A team member assists the organization as it remediates gaps in privacy programs, awarding a seal and letter of attestation after successful remediation.
  • The Ongoing Monitoring and Guidance phase. TrustArc provides ongoing compliance monitoring, dispute resolution, and assessment of documentation for the duration of the agreement. 

Learn more about the TRUSTe International Privacy Verification here.

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