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Cookies have made our digital world possible by transforming the way we interact and experience the web. Cookies and other tracking technologies have enabled companies to provide an enhanced and personalized online experience for their consumers. However, these technologies also introduce privacy compliance risks along with challenges of visibility into the dozens of third-party trackers on a website.

Though consumers demand for a more personalized digital experience, privacy remains a top concern for them. With regulations like the GDPR and CCPA having a core focus on consumer rights protection, the ability for an organization to demonstrate compliance has never been more scrutinized, or enforced against, than it is today.   

When the GDPR took effect on May 25, 2018, it required businesses to rethink how they managed their consumers’ personal data and to implement a solution that will allow them to meet the regulatory requirements. With the GDPR setting the gold standard for stringent consumer consent rights and protection, and the current ePrivacy rules across Europe, other jurisdictions globally have started to consider, or have already implemented, similar consent practices. Due to the variations in country law, including how organizations should process personal data collected via cookies, what is considered valid consent, and how to provide notice and choice to consumers, businesses are challenged with implementing various consent approaches. 

Meeting global consent requirements is complicated, and it is important for organizations of all sizes to have a flexible and scalable solution for demonstrating cookie consent compliance in any market. Not only is it vital for organizations to meet compliance requirements, but it’s equally as important for organizations to provide a seamless and branded consent experience to their consumers. Delivering both a compliant and branded consent experience enables organizations to build trust with their consumers as they are able to provide consumers with both the transparency and control over their data, and ultimately, showing that their organization respects consumer privacy rights. Consumer trust is the foundation for a good digital experience and organizations will need to work hard to build and maintain that trust. As organizations start to incorporate privacy into their business strategy, they will see consumer trust and engagement start to grow

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