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In this episode of Serious Privacy, K Royal is joined by guest co-host Ralph O’Brien to speak about what one privacy professional did with his free time over the pandemic. Most of us may have started a new hobby – so did Jeff Jockisch, founder and CEO of PrivacyPlan. First, he achieved his Certified Information Privacy Professional for US privacy law from the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

His studying process took him to books such as Peter Swire’s, and privacy podcasts. But he did not stop there. He created a database of podcasts on privacy and he publishes his database, including weekly favorites for specific episodes, on LinkedIn. Many of us have found this to be insightful and helpful, but we were curious how he started in this and why. So we asked Jeff to come onto the show and discovered there is much more to his analytics than podcasts.

Listen in as we also discuss data brokers in detail, including how many he has documented (take a guess) and how he gathers his information. We also discuss biometric identifiers, de-identified information, data localization, and consent. Whether you are a privacy professional or someone who wants to learn about how companies manage your information, this is great information to know. Listen to this week’s episode on our website or stream it below.