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In this episode of Serious Privacy, K Royal and Paul Breitbarth connect with Steven (Seven) Waterhouse, PhD, CEO and founder of Orchid, a crypto powered VPN. Given his expertise and how it is harnessed for Orchid, we felt Seven would have quite a bit of technical insight into technologies commonly discussed in conjunction with data protection. He did not disappoint.

In this episode, Seven provides insight into the technical side of privacy and the foundations that underpin most concerns – the internet. But in addition, we discuss virtual private networks for consumers and enterprise –  from the perspective of blockchain and crypto. The explanations are easy to digest for those who are not technical minded, but the conversation rises to the level that a technologist can appreciate the discussion. It is well-balanced.

Join us as we discuss in-app purchases, a bill in Arizona on in-app purchases, ISP, and encryption. There is an “Easter egg”  referencing back to one (or several) of our prior episodes. We also discuss reporters and safety in third world countries related to their communications, the matrix, bunnies, and privacy-focused technology. In addition, Orchid is offering a summit March 23-24 that is free (plus, TrustArc is doing a summit this week, also free). This week’s episode can be heard on our website or streamed below.

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