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In this episode of Serious Privacy, Paul Breibarth and K Royal connect with the Global Privacy Officer at GameStopSeán Dunne. He really knows the company well, given that he started in retail operations almost 12 years ago. Now, he is responsible for global data protection compliance with laws ranging from the familiar GDPR and CCPA, to the less well known Canadian anti-spam legislation, and the privacy laws of Australia and New Zealand. This is quite the perspective to share with our listeners who are curious about the challenges one faces with a truly global privacy office, that includes major operations in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, but is based in Europe.

GameStop operates on multiple fronts with online and brick and mortar locations, multiple streams of operations and data flows, and has consumers at various ages. It is quite complex, but fascinating to understand his priorities, challenges, and daily approach. We spoke about an EU privacy person managing the US privacy operations (particularly challenging), new state laws, the possibility of a federal law in the US, Privacy ShieldSCCs, and the criticality of a privacy dictionary.

Join us as we discuss global privacy operations, preferences for “data protection” versus “privacy,” and the skills needed to be a successful privacy professional. Coming from the tech side of business, Seán has interesting insight on collaboration. This week’s episode can be heard on our website or streamed below.