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Below are snapshots of recent global updates courtesy of Nymity Research

Legislation: Illinois Seeks to Protect Digital Assets
If passed, it would be considered an infringement to access an individual’s digital assets (history of purchases, voters, employment, medical, writings, photos, information with commercial value to data mining or ad companies); companies must pay royalties to access individuals’ digital assets for commercial ads purposes ($.01-$1 per ad, per da Read more here.

Password Protection: Canadian Centre for Cyber Security Best Practices
User credentials are high value targets for hackers so it is important to improve password habits to ensure personal data protection; implementing unique passwords for every account, enabling multi-factor authentication and using a password manager can help prevent hackers from accessing personal data. Read more here.

Legislation: Proposed Peruvian Amendments Facilitate Adequacy Recognition
If passed, the Law on the Protection of Personal Data would be amended to require DPO appointment for large private companies, have local representatives for companies not established in Peru that process personal data of its residents, give data owners data portability rights (for processing based on consent or a contract), and establish breach notification to the National Authority (where there are high risks to affected data owners’ rights and freedoms). Read more here.

COVID-19: DPC Ireland Warns Against Collection of Employee Vaccination Status
In the absence of clear advice from public health authorities that employers need to establish employee vaccination status, the processing of such data is unnecessary and excessive, for which no legal basis exists; employees should not be asked to consent to the processing of vaccine data (consent is not likely to be freely given where there is an imbalance of power), and employers should implement all other COVID-19 safety measures before considering if knowledge of vaccine status is necessary (e.g., face coverings, adequate ventilation). Read more here.

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