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This week on Serious Privacy, Paul Breitbarth and K Royal revisit the Chinese Personal Information Protection Law that goes into effect just a few days after publication of this episode. K and I spoke about this law already in episode 30 of this season, dated 31 August, as well as during our webinar on 15 September. However, questions keep flooding in, so we decided to record a follow up episode. The guidance coming out of China is still limited, although it seems the Cyberspace Administration of China, their main regulator, is starting to publish some explanatory documents.

In this episode, we are joined by Graham Webster. Graham is a Research Scholar at the Stanford Cyber Policy Center, as well as Editor in Chief of the university’s DigiChina website, a great resource providing lots of translations of China’s digital laws and policy documents. He is an expert on issues at the intersection of U.S.–China relations and advanced technology, and we are very happy he is joining us.

This week’s episode can be heard on our website or streamed below.