Privacy Risk Summit Panels Announced

Come learn about current privacy challenges, including GDPR, from the best privacy minds in the industry at the annual TRUSTe Privacy Risk Summit.

This year our event will be held at the Bespoke Event Center in San Francisco, California on Tuesday June 6th.

The Summit builds on TRUSTe’s reputation for high quality education and thought leadership programs to bring you a comprehensive day-long event filled with learning and networking. The agenda features three parallel conference tracks and 30+ speakers focusing on risks arising from technological and regulatory change and privacy risk management best practices. Here are some of the panels:

Operationalizing Legal Theory – How to Mobilize a GDPR Program

Pete McGoff Senior Vice President General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Box

Alexandra Ross Senior Global Privacy & Data Security Counsel, Autodesk

Mark Webber US Managing Partner, Fieldfisher

Privacy, GRC & the GDPR: A Financial Sector Perspective

Tom Widgery Senior Director of Privacy and Information Governance, SVB Financial

Rob Patchett Chief Privacy Officer, MUFG Union Bank

Security Control Frameworks for Data Privacy Governance

Andrej Volchkov Senior Consultant

What’s Your Wallet: The Privacy & Security of In-Car Payment Systems

Jill Philips Sr Attorney, Privacy & Security, Intel

Alex Wall Lead Legal Counsel & Data Privacy Officer, RADAR Inc.

Julia Jacobson Partner (Boston Office), K&L Gates LLP

Claude-Etienne Armingaud Partner (Paris Office), K&L Gates LLP

Balancing Privacy & Innovation in Singapore Smart City

Steve Tan Partner & Deputy Head, Technology, Media & Telecommunications, Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP

Lauren Smith Policy Counsel, Future of Privacy Forum

ePrivacy Regulation and the GDPR: Managing Consent Requirements

Andy Dale Senior Counsel & Data Protection Officer, DataXu

Andrew Woods Senior Legal Counsel, Twitter

Mauricio F. Paez Partner, Jones Day

Ghita Harris-Newton Chief Privacy Officer, Quantcast

Partnering with Privacy, Security & IT/Ops: Hanging Together or Hanging Separately

Marty Collins SVP Corporate Development, Legal & Compliance, QuinStreet

Marissa Levinson Associate General Counsel, QuinStreet

David Garrett President, Tensyl Security

DPIAs – Analysing Benefits and Risks of Data Processing

Lynn Goldstein Senior Strategist, Information Accountability Foundation

Hilary Wandall General Counsel & Chief Data Governance Officer, TRUSTe

Privacy Risk, Compliance Risk, Corporate Risk. What Does it all Mean?

Dan Caprio Co-Founder & Chairman, Providence Group

Filip Johnssén Group Privacy Manager, Sandvik AB

Profiling and Big Data – The Reality of the GDPR Impact

Polina Zvyagina Associate Counsel, Uber

Felicity Fisher Associate, Privacy, Security and Information, Fieldfisher

Kenesa Ahmed Co-Founder and Partner, Aleada Consulting

Understanding your Privacy Risk Exposure in Asia & Latin America

Steve Tan Partner & Deputy Head, Technology, Media, Telecommunications, Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP

Juan Luis Hernandez Conde Senior Privacy Consultant, TRUSTe

Integrated Risk Management – Security Privacy & Compliance

Details to be Announced


Assessing Vendors For Privacy Risk & Compliance: We’re all in this Together

Sharon Anolik President, Privacy Panacea

Lisa Glover-Gardin Senior Counsel, Ethics & Compliance, Data Protection, Google

Hilary Wandall General Counsel & Chief Data Governance Officer, TRUSTe

Automating PIAs: How We Did It

Shankar Chebrolu Enterprise Security Architect, RedHat

Meethune Bhowmick Sr. Information Security Analyst, RedHat

Beth Sipula Senior Privacy Consultant, TRUSTe

Health Big Data Analytics Needs Data Donorship

Stephen Sharon Manager, Privacy & Data Protection, Deloitte

Certifying Compliance under APEC CBPRs and the GDPR

Krysten Jenci Director, Office of Digital Services Industries, US Department of Commerce

Josh Harris Director, International Regulatory Affairs, TRUSTe

After the panels are done, we will be having a celebration under the gorgeous dome.

With only a few seats left, be sure to get your ticket today!

End of Month Recap: What You May Have Missed [September]

At the end of each month we’ll compile a list featuring some of the most informative and interesting privacy blog posts to let you know what topics are driving the privacy agenda this month.


This month on the blog we covered the EU Court of Justice delivering its opinion on U.S.-EU Safe Harbor, recapped two webinars in our Privacy Insight Series, and announced Assessment Manager 2.0 as well as Dynamic Platform Detection, plus more. This was the third month of our new series featuring the leading players in the Privacy Ecosystem. Check out the list below for some of the most popular blog posts this month:


Product Announcements 

Product announcement from TRUSTe include Assessment Manager 2.0 and Dynamic Platform Detection. Dynamic Platform Detection is a new feature of TRUSTed Ads Compliance Manager. With just a single smart tag, companies can provide opt-outs across both mobile and desktop platforms.

On Sept. 28 an update version of TRUSTe’s SaaS product was announced: TRUSTe Unveils Assessment Manager 2.0. The update includes a host of new features including single user workflow, configurable program dashboard and privacy program key performance indicators (KPIs). Click the link above to read more.


Ensuring Technology Recognizes Our Right to Privacy


By Alexandra Ross, The Privacy Guru

Facial recognition’s roots are more than 50 years old, but advances have made it a profoundly fresh frontier in the debate surrounding privacy and technology. Privacy advocates need to understand how facial recognition works and address the ways in which advertisers, social media companies and governmental agencies deploy this technology.


What is a Facial Recognition System?

Facial recognition systems are a form of biometric identifier. They “recognize” a person from a digital image, relying on distinguishing landmarks and features called “nodal points.” Nodal points include details such as:

  • Distance between the eyes
  • Width of the nose
  • Depth of the eye sockets
  • The shape of the cheekbones
  • The length of the jaw line

In its most basic form, a combination of these measurements creates a numerical code known as a faceprint, which is then stored in a database. While early systems required a relatively clear 2D portrait image to take meaningful data, more sophisticated systems are now able to use 3D cameras and perform surface texture analysis. They’re even working on systems that perform facial recognition in the dark.


End of Month Recap: What You May Have Missed

At the end of each month we’ll compile a list featuring some of the most informative and interesting privacy blog posts to let you know what topics are driving the privacy agenda this month.


This month on the blog we covered a wide array of privacy topics. We also shared the Privacy Ecosystem. This map showcases just some of the major players involved in the numerous facets of privacy. Inspired by the interest in the Privacy Ecosystem map, we decided to launch a weekly series profiling some of the leading organizations in the privacy space. Check out the list below for some of the most popular blog posts this month:


Celebrating Privacy as One of Our Freedoms  

Contributor and privacy expert Alexandra Ross wrote this reflective post about privacy as a fundamental freedom to coincide with the July 4th holiday in the U.S. Many people consider privacy a fundamental right even though its not expressly stated in the constitution. In fact, a recent TRUSTe survey shows that 45% of respondents think online privacy is more important than national security.


Coding for Privacy: A Conversation with TRUSTe’s Ken Okumura [Via TechBeacon]

 TRUSTe’s Vice President of Engineering Ken Okumura was interviewed for this article in TechBeacon in which he discusses all things privacy and security.


Privacy Risks of Mobile Applications

TRUSTe Senior Product Manager Helen Huang, CIPP/US, highlighted the importance of mobile privacy management. Considering at least half of Fortune 500 companies have a mobile application, privacy needs to be considered for these organizations’ apps as well as employee devices.


 Privacy Ecosystem Series

This month we launched the Privacy Ecosystem Series in which we profile organizations, companies or government agencies that are involved in the privacy space.


What else would you like to read about on the TRUSTe blog? Tell us in the comments.


Celebrating Privacy as One of Our Freedoms


By Alexandra Ross, The Privacy Guru

Where does privacy fit into our concepts of freedom, independence and democracy? Under what circumstances do we feel that our right to privacy – our “freedom from unauthorized intrusion” – has been violated?

Most of us consider privacy an essential component of freedom. As we approach this 4th of July holiday in the United States, it’s worth celebrating privacy as one of our fundamental freedoms and contemplating how we can maintain personal privacy in the modern world.

Many of us feel that privacy is a right – and it is delineated as such in the California State Constitution (although there is no express right to privacy in the U.S. Constitution). If we feel strongly about that right, what actions can we take to protect and maintain it?

We can be patriotic and at the same time voice concerns about government surveillance in the name of national security and prevention of terrorism. We can love and be proud of our country and still speak up against the creation of a surveillance state.

We can respectfully disagree with Eric Schmidt’s famous quote on privacy: “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.”

It’s a delicate art and science to balance the societal and individual interests of privacy, security and freedom. If we value our privacy and wish to preserve one of our fundamental civilized rights we should remember: It’s OK to care about our privacy, even if we have nothing to hide.