TRUSTe & EDAA Consumer Research Shortlisted for Two IAB Europe Research Awards


TRUSTe & EDAA Research mapping consumer attitudes and awareness of the European Self-Regulatory Programme for Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA) is shortlisted for two IAB Europe Research Awards.

TRUSTe and EDAA are delighted to have been shortlisted for two prestigious award categories “Best use of research budget” and “Consumer attitudes and behaviour” in the 2017 IAB Europe Research Awards. This reflects that the joint industry effort in the Self-Regulatory Programme is making a real contribution to the development of the digital advertising industry and supports the strong value that the Programme provides to consumers, business and regulators alike.

‘The research shows that the OBA Programme contributes to stimulating positive consumer attitudes. The research provides solid proof of the importance and the success of this important industry initiative, in providing greater transparency and control over online behavioural advertising’ says Sachiko Scheuing, European Privacy Officer, Acxiom Deutschland GmbH, a participating company in the OBA Programme. The European Advertising Consumer Research Index 2016 was carried out across 15 European countries and was conducted by Ipsos MORI, on behalf of the EDAA and TRUSTe from 04 – 20 November 2016 with more than 15,000 participants.

The IAB Research Awards are now in their seventh year and represent industry recognition for innovative research projects and the contribution they have made to the development of the digital advertising industry. Winners will be announced during the gala dinner of Interact on 23rd May in Amsterdam.

The finalists were selected by a Jury consisting of Nick Hiddleston, Worldwide Research Director at ZenithOptimedia and Chairman of the Jury; Pierpaolo Guidi, Media Relations Agency Manager at Subito (Schibsted Media Group); Agnieszka Hoffmann, Client Manager, Millward Brown; Chechu Lasheras, Managing Director for Digital Business Development, PRISA; Tony Evans, Director of Marketing Science EMEA, Facebook; and Pawel Kolenda, Research Director at IAB Poland and Vice-Chair of the IAB Europe Research Committee.

This is the second consecutive year that TRUSTe / EDAA research has been recognized for this award.

Access the full research report: European Advertising Consumer Research Report 2016.

TRUSTe-EDAA Ads Research Shortlisted for IAB Europe Research Award

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The European Advertising Consumer Research Index 2015 provides a comprehensive picture of attitudes and awareness of the European Self-Regulatory Programme for Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA) across 13 European countries surveyed. The study was conducted by Ipsos MORI, on behalf of TRUSTe and the EDAA from 21 October – 13 November 2015 with over 13,000 online adults.

We’re delighted that this joint TRUSTe-EDAA research has been shortlisted for the best use of Research Budget. The IAB Europe Research Awards are now in their sixth year and represent industry recognition for innovative research projects and the contribution they have made to the development of the digital advertising industry.

Winners of the eight categories will be announced at the gala dinner during IAB Europe’s Interact conference tomorrow (12th May) in Lisbon, Portugal. The winning projects will form part of IAB Europe’s expanding libraries of best practice for industry professionals to use in their strategies and daily work.

The finalists were selected from over 130 entries by a Jury consisting of Nick Hiddleston, Research Director Worldwide at ZenithOptimedia and Chairman of the Jury, Paul Hardcastle, Research Director, EMEA at Yahoo!, Ariane Längsfeld, Client Manager – Media & Digital at Millward Brown, Pawel Kolenda, Research Director at IAB Poland and Tuncay Yavuz, IAB Turkey Board Member, Head of Technical Committee on Measurement and Digital Director at OMD Turkey.


Awareness of DAA AdChoices Icon Rises to 42%

DAA AdChoices IconNew research findings published today, show consumer concern over online tracking for targeted ads has fallen from 65% to 61% over the last year and awareness of the DAA AdChoices icon, has risen to 42% – five points higher than last year (37%). These latest stats show the sustained growth and success of the DAA program but also what’s at stake for the digital publishing industry as 28% report they had used adblocking software in the month prior to the survey.

As consumers become more aware of how they can control the types of ads they see, they are more likely to feel positive about online behavioral advertising in general. Almost 2 in 5 (39%) said the information available through the AdChoices Icon, along with the option of opting out of OBA, would make them feel more positive about the concept of targeted ads. These findings are based on data from an online survey conducted by Ipsos, commissioned by TRUSTe, with 1,000 adults aged 18-75 in the US from December 17-22, 2015. Tracking data is available for the previous four years.

According to the survey, the business impact of consumers’ privacy concerns remains high with 89 percent avoiding doing business with companies they don’t believe protect their privacy and 74 percent of those who worry about their privacy online limiting their online activity in the last 12 months due to their concerns. Of those who worried about their privacy online, 51% did not click on an online ad in the last 12 months – the most common action taken due to privacy concerns.

The DAA program covers online, mobile and video ads and was developed in conjunction with the advertising industry to provide users with more control over their online ad experience and the option to opt-out of personal targeting without blocking ads altogether. Later this week, TRUSTe CEO Chris Babel will be speaking on a Publishers’ Roundtable titled “The Increasingly ‘Relevant’ Ad-Financed Business Model” at the Digital Advertising Alliance 2016 Summit from May 12-13.

Find out more about TRUSTe’s Ad Compliance Manager technology solution here.

NYC Advertising Week, October 2-7

What better way to kick off October than to attend a week-long celebration of the advertising industry! As online advertising continues to evolve and bring new challenges such as recent behavioral targeting and data use – this year’s 2011 NYC Advertising Week promises to be an exciting one.

Privacy has become and will remain a hot topic in this medium, and it naturally made sense that we share our 14+ years of experience and leading privacy solutions with the advertisers, marketers and thought leaders who will be in attendance. TRUSTe is thrilled to be a part of the dynamic program content and speak alongside industry experts including Stephen Kline of Omnicon Media Group and Kevin Slavin, co-founder of Area/Code.

As the leading provider of OBA Compliance Solutions, TRUSTe is looking forward to learning about your privacy challenges and sharing our solutions. Come by and meet with CEO Chris Babel and other TRUSTe team members at the following events:

IAB MIXX – 10/3-10/4
TRUSTe booth 102
Crowne Plaza Hotel

Ad Week Panel – 10/4
The Trust Forum III: The Great Privacy Debate: Social Media Fuels the Fire
Chris Babel (CEO, TRUSTe)
Mike Dover (co-author, Wikibrands)
Kevin Slavin (Slavin Enterprises and co-founder of Area/Code)
Moderated by: Liz Gannes (Sr. Editor, WSJ, All Things D)

AdMonsters OPS  – 10/6
Privacy Panel: Operating on the Front Lines of the Privacy Debate
Bob Bahramipour (VP of Business Development, TRUSTe)
Stephen Kline (Senior Counsel, Privacy and Regulatory Matters, Omnicon)
Ashkan Soltani (Consultant)
Moderated by: Rob Beeler (Vice President, Content & Media, AdMonsters)

If you would like to set up an appointment with TRUSTe CEO Chris Babel or other TRUSTe team members in advance, email

Happy Advertising Week!

Behavioral Ad Program for Sealholders

We’re in a new era where transparency is becoming the currency of trust. From its founding, TRUSTe has consistently championed transparency to consumers regarding their privacy practices. Our trustmark is a beacon to consumers to give them confidence that their personal information is being used responsibly and to provide them with the choices and redress options they deserve.

The coalition of IAB, DMA, ANA, and the 4A’s reached consensus on behavioral advertising principles that we hope will result in meaningful choices for consumers. The Federal Trade Commission paved the way for this consensus and other industry efforts by issuing thoughtful and pragmatic guidelines earlier this year encouraging expanded notice of advertising practices in addition to several other guidelines.

Starting from our position as the online privacy leader, TRUSTe is launching its program for publishers engaged in behavioral advertising later this year. Our program will focus on delivering notice and choices to consumers outside the privacy statement through the well-understood TRUSTe icon. In addition, we will deliver easy accessible opt-out options for consumer choice, leverage our well established consumer complaint process, and our leading scanning and monitoring technology to ensure compliance and enforcement. We expect that sealholders who meet our rigorous standards will easily be in compliance with the principles issued today with the additional benefits of 3rd party review and a comprehensive compliance and enforcement program.

— Fran Maier, CEO